Clay Creations

Each and every piece of jewelry here is handmade by the artist with top of the line polymer clay. Clay is very lightweight, and the options are endless! Shop fun dangle styles, or beautiful and unique studs.

Each stencil/shape has a name. So if there is a shape you really like, you can shop the same shape in all different colors and patterns, with different brass components. For example, everything under the name "Emma" will have that elongated rectangle shape, even though the brass components can vary. 

Any patterns that you see here are patterns that the artist has created using different clays. Artist starts with large slab of a base color, usually white or cream, and then adds various colors and shapes. The large slab is then cut into smaller pieces to create a totally unique and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. This process is very time consuming, and is reflected in the price, but the final product is so worth it!

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